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Abstract Submission Deadline

1st of September 2024

Abstract Submission Portal

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You can submit your abstract  after registering and logging in the Presentation Portal with your username/password. Abstracts sent through other means (ex. e-mail) will not be taken into consideration

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You can track your abstract submission status exclusively online, in your Abstract Submission Portal account.

 Abstract Submission Portal 


 Official language: ENGLISH

The submitted abstracts must be written exclusively in English. The presentations and oral posters content will also be in English.


➣  The size of the abstract is limited to 2500 characters and must not contain images, tables or graphics.
➣  Within the title and the body text of the abstract, identifying details such as the names of authors or hospitals should not be mentioned, so that anonymous review can be done.
➣ The use of commercial drug names, brands and registered trademarks are strictly prohibited and no mention of pharmaceutical company names should be included in the abstract. Drugs should be referred to by the active substance or pharmacological designation.
➣  Abstract editing will be possible until the submission deadline.
➣ The submitted abstracts will adhere to the following structure: Title, Authors, Objectives, Materials and methods, Results, Conclusions, Keywords.

  Rules regarding the authors

➣  The maximum number of authors is limited to 6.
➣  The presenting author will not mandatory be the main author as well.
➣ The presenting author will receive abstract related information and must be registered as conference participant by the 1st of September 2024.


The abstracts will be evaluated through the blind review process, taking into consideration the following criteria: the relevance of the topic, the clinical usefulness, originality, appropriate abstract structure (stating a precise Objective, a clear and reproducible Methodology, concise description of the Results and a clear Conclusion supported by study results), research methodology, analysis methodology, reliability of the supporting evidence and, of course, grammar and spelling.

  Abstract previous publication

 Submission of previously published or presented abstracts in other congresses / conferences is forbidden.

  Plagiarism review

Within the peer review process, all submitted abstracts will be filtered through a dedicated Anti-Plagiarism software. In cases with potential plagiarism, if less than 30% of the original submission is plagiarized, a notification will be sent to the authors about the issues, to either rewrite the part, or cite the original author. The abstracts detected with more than 30% of the original submission as plagiarized, will be automatically rejected.

Evaluation Process

The abstracts are reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee, designated by the SOROT Board and SOROT 2024 Conference Organizing Committee. This is a double-blind peer review. 

The review criteria are as follows:

0. The abstract is correctly structured, as indicated in the guidelines: Objectives, Materials and methods, Results, Conclusions, Keywords. (Wheighting: 10%)

1. Statement of Objective and Aims of the Research: Clear, concise, justified. (Wheighting: 10%)

2. Research Questions and/or Hypotheses: Clear, consistent with aims and purposes (please note). (Wheighting: 10%)

3. Significance: Rationale given to support that the study addresses an important problem. (Wheighting: 15%)

4. Methods: In sufficient detail to provide evidence of logical consistency between research questions (&hypotheses) and methods. (Wheighting: 15%)

5. Results: Appropriateness of findings statements according to whether the abstract submission reports a study-in-progress or a completed study. // If this is a study-in-progress, a statement about preliminary findings or anticipated findings must be included // If this is a completed study, a statement of actual findings must be included.  (Wheighting: 15%)

6. Conclusion: If study is complete: accurate interpretation of results is expected, including recommendations for practice, education, research, and policy. If study is “in-progress” discussion may be scant or absent.  (Wheighting: 15%)

7. Overall: good grammar, clarity and flow; consistency between objectives, methods, results and conclusion. (Wheighting: 10%)

The reviewer will give a score between 1 and 5 for each criteria, 1 being Very poor to 5 being Very good.

!!! The reviewer has the option to send their comments to the corresponding author, and ask for changes. From the moment the reviewer submitted their resubmission request, the author has a maximum of 2 days to resubmit the abstract acordingly to the requests.

!!! Threshold for the accepted abstracts: 50% of the wheighted average. Any abstract with an wheighted average below this treshold will be rejected.


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